Organisations, community groups, or individuals (the Hirer) may hire the clubhouse and courts. Any damage inflicted during an event will incur a non-recoverable charge of $200 minimum.

  1. To confirm your Hire Booking, Agreement with the Terms and Conditions in writing and a deposit is required. The balance due including the bond must be paid at least two weeks prior to the event.
  2. A designated representative of the Hirer must be appointed to liaise with the Club representative – their contact information is to be displayed on the booking form. That person is also responsible for reporting any breakages or damage. Breakages and other damage must be reported within 24 hours by the Hirer’s Representative. Any charges for breakages or damage will be deducted from the bond and the balance will be refunded to the hirer within 14 days of the inspection at the end of the period of hire.
  3. The designated representative of the hirer is also responsible for the following:A.Equipment; decorations; and rubbish must be removed from the Club prior to departing (unless organised with the Club representative prior to the event).B.All rubbish must be correctly sealed and placed in the appropriate rubbish bins provided outside the building.C.The clubroom furniture is to be returned to its original position, and left in a clean state.
  4. The North Adelaide Croquet Club has a limited bar licenced. All alcohol consumed on the premises must be served and supplied by the Club, unless negotiated prior to the event. No alcohol may be brought on to the premises unless written prior arrangement has been made. Staff reserve the right to refuse service to intoxicated persons or people behaving inappropriately.
  5. The club only accepts cash only over the bar – EPOS transaction are not available.
  6. No Alcohol; glass or cookery is to be taken onto the courts.
  7. Damage or loss of any piece of croquet equipment will incur the cost of repair/replacement. Any damage/breakage is to be reported to a Club member ASAP.
  8. Loud noises and irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated.
  9. Functions are to cease by 10 pm and the premises vacated by 10.30 pm.
  10.  Possession or consumption of illicit and controlled substances will not be tolerated in any form.
  11. Smoking is not permitted in the clubroom, on the courts or any other area inside the boundary fences.
  12.  No heeled or platform shoes are to be worn on the courts. Guests are to wear flat-soled, closed shoes to prevent damage to lawns and protect their feet. Bare feet are not acceptable.
  13. Public Liability Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer (except for people playing croquet).
  14. Our hot weather policy will not permit our club members to play on the lawns before 7 pm if the advertised temperature is over 36 degrees. We suggest that you consider this temperature guideline for your guests.
  15. The Hirer indemnifies the North Adelaide Croquet Club Inc. and their officers, members, guest, for any claim, loss, damage, or expense (including but not limited to any injury to or death of any person, or damage to any property) suffered or occurred because of the hire and use of the facilities or a breach of any law or these regulations by the Hirer or any other person using the facilities with the Hirer’s permission.
  16. The Hirer shall ensure that users of the facility comply with all laws which apply to the Facilities including but not limited to, the Health Act and Regulations (relating to handling and selling of food, the Environmental Protection Act and Regulations (relating to noise abatement), Liquor Licencing Act and Copyright Act (relating to the use of music).
  17. Failure to adhere to these regulations may result in Hirer having their agreement terminated, or future applications to hire the facilities denied.
  18. The North Adelaide Croquet Club reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time.
  19. Charges and conditions are laid down by the North Adelaide Croquet Cub Inc, and may vary from time to time.

Club Hire Terms & Conditions